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Social benefit

Bangzhan aluminum mold and aluminum alloy formwork system simplifies the construction difficulties, improves construction efficiency and reduces labor costs and machinery expenses in virtue of its innovative design. In addition, the percent of pass of concrete forming of aluminum alloy formwork system is high, and the building operations effect is obvious, so the thickness of decorative plaster layer is reduced or even eliminated. It can be seen that it has obvious advantages in terms of economic benefit compared with traditional building formwork.

The application of aluminum mold and aluminum alloy formwork system and the construction technology can better promote the process of industrialization of constructional engineering and effectively alleviate the phenomenon of shortage of skilled workers in the society. The formwork system adopted by building construction engineering of China at present is mostly timber formwork. In 2011, the market size of timber formwork exceeded 300 million square meters, which means that 16 million big trees (diameter: 30cm) has to be cut down. In other words, 10,000 ha of forest are cut down to meet production needs of timber formwork. And this amount is increasing year by year by 9% with continuous increase of development volume of constructional engineering. The emergence of aluminum alloy formwork system is a veritable green revolution, for it saves timber, cement, river sand and other limited resources, thus creating a brand new green building template industry, staring a new boundary of China's building operations and realizing the dream of Chinese of green, environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving construction operations. The aluminum alloy formwork system of Bangzhan Technology is now positively responding to international environmental protection policies and repaying the nature while expressing its thanks to the earth.

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