Guangdong Bangzhan Construction Formwork Technology Co.,Ltd
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  • Core concept

    Common goals, joint enterprise, common interests, and mutual development.

  • Corporate mission

    Committed to innovation for the success of customers and the company.

  • Corporate vision

    To create a world-class high-quality building formwork supplier.

  • Corporate values

    To create value for customers, to seek development for the staff, to make returns for the shareholders, and undertake social responsibility.

  • Corporate spirit

    pragmatic, pioneering and innovative.

  • Operation philosophy

    Benefit centered, regard talents as capital, market-oriented, and regard reputation as life.

  • Tel:0750-2631381
  • Address:ChuangLiLai Industrial Base,Daze Town,Xinhui District,Jiangmen,Guangdong
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